Pros/ Cons of Big stick diplomacy?

Im writing an essay bit cant find any pros or cons.

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3 Answers to “Pros/ Cons of Big stick diplomacy?”

  1. chondroblast says:

    The CIA uses a term, BLOWBACK.When you force other people/nations into YOUR version of reality, they tend to RESENT it.When you “intervene” far too much in their nation’s/tribe’s internal affairs, they get VERY resentful (pissed off) and fly hijacked airplanes into your nation’s tallest buildings on September the Eleventh.BLOWBACK. The CIA knows what it is.

  2. eradicators says:

    Big sticks cost money.

  3. expertness says:

    Teddy Roosevelt ones said that, “diplomacy is the art of saying nice dog while you reach for a big stick.” As for the pros you have only to look at the cold war, in the end we had more big sticks then the USSR and forced them to close up shop. The cold war also introduced the concept of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). Just the threat of violence is some times enough to force people to talk rather then fight.