SAT i got 390 math, 460 writing. 470 critical reading 44 multiple choice and a 8 on the essay? is that good?

It says i got in the 13% national percentile on the math? whats my score?

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4 Answers to “SAT i got 390 math, 460 writing. 470 critical reading 44 multiple choice and a 8 on the essay? is that good?”

  1. gemstone says:

    I’d suggest you retake it.. Bring it up a bit..

  2. docilely says:

    your SAT score is 1320 which is BELOW the 1500 avg.Avg math score is 515

  3. agrogeology says:

    Uhmm…idk about SAT it might be graded differently, but I do know about SSAT (to get into high school) and 13% is bad. Cuz i think each section is graded out of 700. But it’s not like well say it was out of 10 and you got 6 out of ten, it wouldn’t be 60%. The percentage is how many people you did better than. For example on my SSAT i got 84% overall which means I did better than 84% of people who took the test. But my national rank was like 97% because the national rank ranks you out of everyone, not just people who took the test. So 13%, especially since it’s national rank, is not very good.

  4. amylic says:

    No, no it’s not good at all. I suggest applying to liberal arts colleges. You won’t be able to get into a very good one, but they tend to not care about test scores as much and usually admit students with strong cr/w scores instead of math.