Theme of The Wizard of Earthsea?

I have to write a comparison essay comparing Harry Potter and the Scorcerer's Stone Movie v. The Wizard of Earthsea. I am comparing the themes of the two books. For Harry Potter, I have "your past doesn't have to effect your future". I completely don't understand the book The Wizard of Earthsea (it was a reading assignment) and I'm in a pickle. lol. If you know ANYTHING about this book, please answer! ***10 points to the best answer***BTW SparkNotes doesn't have it on there. Just my luck. Great. Soooo anyways, ANSWER! :) THANKS

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3 Answers to “Theme of The Wizard of Earthsea?”

  1. chiappa says:

    well in harry potter the guy has a thunderbolt on his head but in wizard of earthsea the monkeys have wings so when u compare the two stories u realize the vast similarities with the flying monkeys and witches and brooms

  2. bezzant says:

    I read it but it was ages ago. I didn’t like that there wasn’t much dialog in the book.Sparrowhawk was a lot like Harry Potter in the way that they both didn’t know what they were doing at times, but managed to fix it or make it right, thereby changing what they did or what happened to them in the past didn’t have to effect their future.

  3. uncomparable says:

    Dorothy’s house is blown away and she ends up in a magical land.