Why is my teacher so fond of me?

I'm 13 and I have a very nice and happy English teacher. He's nice to everyone in our class but he's particularly kind towards me. I'm very shy and don't say much. I'm very set away from everyone else. We wrote about 5 essays already and mine are pretty deep. I'm very poetic so I just put everything going on in my writing and all my problems at home and how people just think I'm an outcast. He always pats me on the shoulder and tells me I'm doing well and once even gave a speech about me to the class. He said something like "she is a woman of opinion. She's very quiet but she really cares and listens. She is very unique." but I really haven't done anything so great. He also chooses me to answer every question. He's so nice and I haven't really done anything. o.o

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5 Answers to “Why is my teacher so fond of me?”

  1. boilermakers says:

    he is a great teacher .

  2. triglyph says:

    He might be a great teacher.

  3. Aulostomi says:

    Don’t let him pat your back; he must be secretly attracted to you! Avoid greeting him – he must be a really dangerous person. Wolf in sheep’s clothing. Be careful!

  4. optus's says:

    I think you have a great teacher, as long as he doesn’t cross the line your fine.

  5. x-scape says:

    It sounds like you have a wonderful teacher. I think that he is trying to help you get over being shy and make some friends. You said you write about how you feel like an outcast and about your problems. It sounds like he wants to help. He is trying to help you be more social. Let him. You need friends your own age. A teacher that cares is a rare thing these days. Pay back his kindness by trying to make a new friend this week.