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So, the essay is about why schools should not have school uniforms. It's supposed to be directed to the principle, and I need to "offer a suggestion to fix the problem". So pretty much, I need to find out something that will help him and other students agree on why we should not have to wear school uniforms. Any ideas? It's a huge emergency cause it's due like... Monday and I didn't even start writing. I'm just planning it out.

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  1. preforgiveness says:

    i’ve done this essay before, it’s hard as there are more pros’s to uniforms than cons if i remember. Just remember that you are writing to Persuade you reader, so don’t just go into a rant about you don’t like the uniformhere a re few cons:- Uniforms can be quite costly, for some families who earn a low wage it’s more beneficial and financially practical to wear their own clothing. Also with some uniforms you hav to dry-clean them rather than hand/machine wash, which is also quite expensive-Uniforms may not directly teach children how to deal with people who are different then themselves, but rather it may teach children that in order to get along everyone must conform to the same standards. –in this case how they look-some uniforms are gender bias, as in girls may not be allowed to wear trousers. And not every girl will want to or feel comfortable in skirts. Also most skirts are above the knee, which may present problems for girls who follow a religion. For example, muslim. They are not supposed to expose their legs, however having a uniform means that they have to wear a skirt. And they may not be allowed to wear their own clothing that covers the bottom half of their body as it may not fit with the uniform code. __this is actually quite a unrealistic for today as most schools probably would.t be allowed to say no to them wearing it, but it MAY pose a problem in some schools – non-uniform allows student individuality