How did the American Revolution affected the French Revolution?

Any evidence? I am suppose to write an essay about how the American Revolution affected/cause the French Revolution. Whether I believe it or not, I am suppose to persuade the teacher that the American Revolution is the cause of the French evolution.

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4 Answers to “How did the American Revolution affected the French Revolution?”

  1. pinitannic says:

    Well the American revolution did affect the French revolution because the American revolution showed that it is possible to gain independance and overthrow a vile government/ruler that made taxes unfair. Both revolutions had occured majorly because of taxation. But the only way i can imagine the American revolution affected the French reovolution was the french people going. OH HOHO SO A REVOLUTION IS POSSIUBLEE

  2. Canaanite says:

    Hi,You will find some ideas in this website.The American war of independence cost France a lot, which increased the French debt.Cheers.

  3. digit says:

    Follow the money.

  4. cameraman says:

    The American Revolution did not cause the French Revolution. It influenced those that were involved in it, but in no way did it cause it. The French Revolution was an event long in coming. You can write a persuasive argument that the American Revolution had a deep affect on the primary participants in the French but you cannot make a legitimate argument that it caused it. A better term would be “How the American Revolution Influenced the French Revolution”. The two links will help you with this. They compare the two and offer reasons for the influence.