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What efforts were made to close the gap between Imperial Russia and the West from 1860 to 1900? Who promoted and who opposed these efforts? What arguments did proponents and opponents of reform make and how did they reflect Russia's complicated relationship to the West?

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    The first wave of reforms were initiated by Tsar Alexander II. His son, Alexander III, continued many of his father’s reforms, although he reversed a lot of them. Nicholas II, Alexander III’s son, continued the reform process.Count Sergei Witte was the architect for the expansion of the railways, and the agricultural reforms designed to pay for Russia’s industrialisation.The arguments about reform in Russia followed an age old pattern: Westernisers who wanted Russia to catch up to the West, and Slavophiles who wanted Russia to follow a uniquely Russian course.Alexander II was a Westerniser, Alexander III a Slavophile. There was no legal political discourse in Russia until 1906, so the various underground political movements had no influence in policy making.These political groups also follow the Westerniser / Slavophile model:The Narodniki were peasant based socialists, and were mostly Slavophiles.The Moderates tended to be Westernisers.The aristocracy were mostly Slavophiles.The Marxists were Westernisers.The reforms were welcomed in the West. A more prosperous and industrialised Russia meant new markets for Western goods, and state aid for Western firms meant new opportunities to build factories and mines in Russia – the Town of Yuzkova, now Donetsk in Ukraine was founded in 1869 by Welsh businessman John Hughes.