To what extent did the decade of the 1950s deserve its reputation as an age of political, social, and cultural?

will have a huge essay question over this on my next test please help!

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  1. hsdndev says:

    Your’ e missing a word at the end would it be reform? I live in the uk but it was inevitable that there would be huge change after two world wars and terrible ecomomic slump – There was such optimism in the 50′s & no politician could ignore the sacrifices made by the people so they were bound to an agenda for heroes which was promised after the first world war and never delivered after the second world war so many people had become politicised and aware of their own sacrifices that they felt owed – It had to be a time of pulling together we never had anything like it before or after so it was a unique even tthat those people lived through giving up their lives and their whole childhood and teenage years often so it was a country mostly pulling together already – the post war reforms in Uk were acccepted by all parties across the board so it was indeed interesting times & and as said there is no comparison the people were politicised as never before and had collectively looked death in the eye – they were hungry for change.