Great Expectations–Miss Havisham?

as you know, miss havisham is a interesting character. i have a essay question on her character that i dont think i can write a whole essay if you have any ideas please help me out.the essay prompt is to explain how miss havisham changes throughout the story.i can think of:-how she realizes she has taught estella to break the hearts of men through like her own heartbreak-she realizes she has caused pip to feel the same pain as her, and begs for forgiveness-please help me out?

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  1. xylotomist says:

    In the begining, her purpose in Estella’s education was protection and prevention- she wanted to keep Estella from being hurt as she had. At some point, her motivation became revenge. She wanted Estella to actively go out and break other people’s hearts as pay back for what had been done to her.She also is pretty much oblivious to the pain her actions cause others for the majority of the novel. It isn’t just Pip that she hurts, but also Estella. She does not notice or accept that her actions are harmful until the end. She is very much like a small child. She is not capable of understanding other people’s pain as she is too consummed by her own. This means that through acheiving her goal of having Estella become a breaker of hearts, she still can not possibly receive any sort or pleasure from this: she can not understand other people’s pain and therefore, causing other people pain won’t help her. If she ever does come to understand pain, she will realize she has pretty much ruined Pip and Estella and therefore she still can not dervie pleasure from it.