Please help me with making a transition sentence for my essay?

I am writting one and I was told I need a transitional sentence. The paragraph before I disucessed cooking. This paragraph I am talking about education.This is my intro sentence for new paragraph A lot of people in the my culture believe that a women’s place is in the kitchen she should not be running off to school.Please help me make a transition sentence

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2 Answers to “Please help me with making a transition sentence for my essay?”

  1. awfully says:

    How about this one: Before a chef could make a (a food you talked about in the 1st paragraph or a random one) they must first learn how to convert cups to pints, liters to gallons and so on. That is where education comes into play. *Then you go on to explain everything!*

  2. perigraph says:

    You might say….but it would be considered acceptable if she were running off to cooking school. You might also point out that since she stays at home, when she has children, the more education she has received, the better parent she will be equipped to become.