Need help writing a “why I should go” essay for a school?

Im supposed to write this essay on why I should go to a youth power camp thing in oklahoma.I really want to go because I have never really been to a sumper camp before and it sounds like fun.Im still not too sure what I have to put in the essay, so I really need help. Its supposed to be around 250 words. I know that I have to put characteristics of myself. Im pretty sure the good ones. And my teacher just gave us a huge list of characteristics of use. But I dont want to sound to full of myself and the rest of that kind of stuff

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4 Answers to “Need help writing a “why I should go” essay for a school?”

  1. tatting says:

    Don’t just put in the good things about yourself, put in what you see as your faults and how you hope that the Camp will help you face up to your shortcomings and help you overcome them.Put in what you hope to gain from interracting with the other kids – how to be a Leader and a Follower, what you see as your strengths to give to the others emotionally and physically and you hope they will be able to help you with your problem areas.

  2. lurky says:

    talk to ur teacher

  3. centram says:

    To avoid sounding full of yourself, pick a couple of good characteristics about yourself that you think will work well with whatever activities you’ll get to do, but also pick a couple of things about you that aren’t so good but that you hope the summer camp will help you improve on.Like, if you’re not great at working in a team but you know you’ll have to at camp, say that you hope the camp will help you to improve your characteristics and better yourself.Also talk about how much it will mean to you and why you really want to go (is it because your friends are going or because you think it would be good for you.)From experience in these situations where you’re fighting for places its the honest people who can show a genuine reason and willingness to learn that almost always win.Good luck

  4. fibromyoma says:

    Briefly underline the following in your essay:1) Why do think you deserve to go? In the future, do you have a dream job in mind, for which this trip could help you achieve it?2) Are you keen on meeting new friends? Perhaps this is an opportunity that can help you expand your social skills.3) How can you be of an asset? Are you a cheerful, fun person to be around? Are you good at making people laugh and overall keep a positive atmosphere?== These are of course just some points that you could talk about. If your teacher has specifically suggested points you should talk about, then of course you should focus on what the teacher suggested.Good luck.