What are the things to remember when evaluating a film?

please also give me criteria and guide questions to follow..i need to write an evaluation of a film in essay form..

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2 Answers to “What are the things to remember when evaluating a film?”

  1. havurot says:

    The main questions you should ask are: 1) What are the filmmakers trying to accomplish, and 2) To what extent do they succeed or fail?You should assume that nothing that has been photographed, and none of the sound that accompanies it, is there by accident; rather, that everything is there by conscious choice of the director and screenwriter. With that in mind, here are some things to evaluate:1) MIse-en-scene: How does the director fill the frame? How does he/she use images in sequence to tell a story? How does the director use visual elements like light, color, costumes, composition, camera movement, etc?2) Directing: How has the director guided the actors to perform? How do the director’s editing choices (shot length, distance from the subject, montage) affect the storytelling? How does the director use sound in the storytelling?3) Screenwriting: How is the screenplay structured? How much of the story is told purely through visuals, and how does dialogue complement the imagery? How do the characters change over time?4) Acting: Does the characters’ behavior ring true? How do the actors assemble their characters over time?5) Genre: Which genre does the movie fit in? How does it conform to genre conventions, and how does it defy them? How does it play to or against expectations?6) Auteurism: How is the film characteristic of this particular director or screenwriter? How does it address the filmmaker’s usual themes? How does it use the filmmaker’s typical stylistic flourishes or visual tropes?Notice how I haven’t really said anything about plot. Plot is about the least interesting way to evaluate a film, and plot summary is pretty much death in a review. You’ll have to describe the plot a little, but try to keep the summary to a minimum. It’s just a jumping-off point to discuss the other elements mentioned above.Good luck, and have fun.

  2. Boeing says:

    My top most preference goes to screenplay then the direction and then the acting.a good script , well directed and with a good ensemble makes a good movie.of course there are other major criteria to movie making but i consider these to be the backbone of any movie.