How does the EU pass laws? 10 points for whoever helps me TODAY!?

How do the Commission, the European parlimant and council work together pass legislation?Please help me. I have a final tonight at 6pm and the professor has been a total waste. This is the only question I can't find in our text and I know it'll be an essay question.Please help...or at least send me a link to where I can find the answer.Thank you thank you thank you!

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4 Answers to “How does the EU pass laws? 10 points for whoever helps me TODAY!?”

  1. malacopterygian says:

    your name does not match your question!You should be optomistic that you will pass anyway!My Answer is that they tax the UK and Give it to Germany and France to vote yes.

  2. doyley says:

    Check out wikipedia. They are accurate on this. It is a very complicated process as compared to the US.Basically, the commission or council proposes laws, and the parliament passes them. But there are 3 different types of laws – ones that automatically are made law, ones that the countries have to adopt without changing, and ones that are general and countries have to adopt something similiar.

  3. curn says:

    I hope this helps.

  4. gibber says:

    The European Parliament is the directly elected parliamentary body of the European Union. Together with the Council of the European Union it forms the legislative branch of the Union.The Parliament is the largest trans-national body of its kind, with an electorate of nearly half a billion. It has been directly elected since 1979, unlike similar European assemblies such as those of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Council of Europe and the Western European Union which are appointed.Although called a Parliament, the 785 MEPs have an unequal relationship with the Council, for example not having full codecision procedure in many areas and neither body can initiate legislation. It has however had control over the EU budget since the 1970s and has control over the appointment of the European Commission. Union law is limited to specific policy areas, however it does override national law.The President of the European Parliament is elected for two and a half years and is currently Hans-Gert Pöttering (EPP), presiding over 785 MEPs elected in the 2004 European Elections.