Should I apply to a college just to see my chances?

There is a school that I began the application process for because I thought there was about a 50% chance I would be interested in going there in the fall. Now I'm thinking there's only about a 5% chance I'd be interested in going there in the fall, because there is another one that looks more promising (but I can't apply for that for another year, for the Fall '12 program).Now I just have to pay the $25 application fee, and write the essay.Money is tight right now, but I already paid the $15 to send my ACT scores, so I figure I may as well just pay the other $25 and write the essay so I can see my chances.What I'm worried about is- what if I apply this year and get accepted, and then tell them I don't want to go there? And then decide next year I want to apply, like if I decide that is actually the best program for it, or I don't get accepted into the other school?Will I mess up my chances by getting accepted (if I do), and then telling them I don't want to go there? I don't know if they let you say why you can't go, but if they have you send back a letter with a reason, I could just say it wasn't going to work out financially until next year?I just don't want to ruin my chances for next year.But it's a really hard program to get into, so I want to see my chances. It is a radiologic technology program, so if i don't get in I will know I have to do something like a phlebotomy program or something first to show more interest in the field. I have a great ACT score and all As and Bs, so if that's not enough I will be taking specific measures to get in to one of these programs next year. So it'd just be really nice to know where I stand!Should I go ahead and apply? Will it mess up my chances for next year?

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  1. wrench says:

    I would apply since your already half way thru the process. It could always be a back up plan. I don’t think it would affect your chances of getting re-accept if you ever applied again. Maybe talk to the schools advisor about those things.

  2. caroa says:


  3. shrining says:

    With all As and Bs, I’m sure you can get in next year if you really want to. If you ask me, it never hurts to apply to places that you think you might want to go to-that’s the whole point of applying to a lot of places. Money can be an issue, yes, but you can get that waived, and even if you can’t, $25 is worth it! You’ve already paid for the ACT score (as you said), so why not just finish it out now?If they admit you, but you decide not to attend, then you can either actually decline their offer of admission, or you can just do nothing. If you do nothing after the May 1 deposit deadline, they can give your slot to someone waitlisted.