Two page Great Gatsby Essay, help!?

I'm thinking about using the American Dream and something about how that relates to Gatsby, but i'm not sure how i'd approach it so that i'd have enough for two pages. If anyone has another good topic on the Great Gatsby, please feel free to mention it. Thanks!

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  1. tactician says:

    write more than one theme

  2. astrometeorological says:

    I think it sounds like a good topic for two pages– that’s a very short essay.Think about Gatsby’s life, how he rose from “rags to riches,” got the big house and went after the woman of his dreams. First, get out a piece of paper and write down everything that comes to mind when you think of the American Dream. Look it up in the dictionary, and try to come up with a clear definition of it (as a social ideal, it is hard to define, but as long as you make your definition clear in your paper, you’ll be fine).Then discuss a different aspect in each chapter, and how it relates to Gatsby. For instance, one paragraph might discuss the “rags-to-riches” aspect, and how Gatsby started out poor….You could discuss the many ways Gatsby fulfills the American Dream, and the ways he doesn’t. (Also, how does he feel about it? Does he believe in it?)You should have more than enough for two pages.

  3. sulphofication says:

    F Scott Fitzgerald my favorite author of fiction in that era.What your exacting needs are I don’t quite understand, andnothing to compare with other A’s as yet. “The American Dream” or could it be The Great AmericanTragic Dream” Sighting on Gatsby’s mistaken obsession, The snobbery of the upper class etc. His down fall.Noting the life of FSG and his own tragic full wonderful life.Have you read “Cliff Notes” on The Great Gatsby, It would give you a super guide line. I’m not to savy on the net, But maybe the Cliffs Notes are on line? Good luck, I’m sure you’llfind two pages to fill once you get started.

  4. der/die says:

    I had to do an essay on the difference between “new money” and “old money”.Daisy was old money cause she grew up with it and its deep in his roots. Gatsby was definetly new money but tried to do everything he could to appear as old money (parties, big house, etc…) for Daisy. but no matter how much he tried, it didnt work