URGENT PLEASE HELP How do I put a citation in an essay for an internet source?

Ok i know that for a book after a sentence you put the last name of the author and the page numberex.blah blah blah the man landed on the moon in blah blah (Lastname 23)but how would I put a citation for an internet source?ex.blah blah blah marilyn monroe died in blah blah (what do i put here?)DO i put the internet website or what?YES THIS IS AN MLA FORMAT ESSAYPLEASE HELP IT IS DUE IN 7 HOURS =(

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    Because Internet sources typically have no page or paragraph numbers, and Web sites often list no author, people are often confused about how to refer to these sources within their papers. The answer is to cite the author’s name whenever possible, and use the source’s title otherwise (or a shortened version of the title). If no page or paragraph number is provided, leave that portion of the citation blank. Keep in mind that the primary purpose of an in-text citation is simply to point readers to the correct entry on the “Works Cited’ page.Web Site (Professional)ESPN.com. 10 Nov. 1999. ESPN Internet Ventures.24 Nov. 1999 <>. [external link] >. Article Within a Web SiteDevitt, Terry. “Flying High.” The Why Files. 9 Dec. 1999.University of Wisconsin, Board of Regents. 4 Jan. 2000<>. [external link] … Article Within a Web Site (Anonymous)”Becoming a Meteorologist.” Weather.com. 12 Nov. 1999. TheWeather Channel. 24 Nov. 1999 < [external link] >. Note: When line length forces you to break a Web address, always break it after a slash mark.Web Site (Personal)Hamilton, Calvin J. Views of the Solar System. 12 Nov. 1999<>. [external link] >. Note: When a professional or personal site has no title, use the description “Home page” without an underscore.