What’s the best surname for Reagan Clemence Constance?

I know, I know. It's a mouthful and it may sound a little out there but that's entirely intended. I'm writing a story about a sort of... powerful psychic and her family (Scottish, Irish, French, English - hence the weird but tasteful names) named her to be different, which she is. I don't want to go into painstaking detail because that would just way too freaking long and I've got a track record for babbling and writing more than needed (like I am right now) so I gotta cut this short so it won't turn into a freaking essay. Here are the surname choices:SinclairMaitlandMacKennaSutherland You can add your own surname if you want but I would prefer to keep it in her heritage. I kind of like "Jensen" also and that's Dutch so... ? Reagan is Scottish, Clemence is French and Constance is English. Just figured I'd put tell you that bit of useless information. All right, I'll leave you to make your decisions. Tell me what you like best and if you like the name. I'm pronouncing it as "Ree-gan." Nicknames with be Ree, Reggie, Rhea, etc.

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2 Answers to “What’s the best surname for Reagan Clemence Constance?”

  1. flaglike says:

    your question is just not clear and really long for nothing.I think that Vivian is better, and last name Sinclare.

  2. paranephritic says:

    Sinclair or Sutherland.Reagan is actually Irish and English NOT Scottish. And it’s NEVER said “ree-gan”. that is a whole DIFFERENT name entirely. If you’re writing the story, everyone reading it will say it RAY-gan. because that’s how it’s suppose to be said spelled that way. [external link] is pronounced REE-gan. [external link] is why spelling is so important. It doesn’t make sense to re-invent a pronunciation for a name that is already established for the desired pronunciation: in other words- you cannot turn Reagan into ree-gan when ree-gan already exists as Regan. Clemence is actually more than just French- it’s also English. with the accented E it’s French, w/out it it’s English. just a technically, but it changes the pronunciation.Constance is English and French as well. Name origin isn’t useless information at all, it’s key to meanings, pronunciation, and in some cases gender usage. Of the updated first names i like:Vivian (or Vivienne)and Laureland calm down..based on what time of day you ask…there wont be many people on Y!A.