Why does my husband think I’m stupid?

My husband recently decided to go back to school to obtain a Master's in Accounting. He has a bachelor's and I was helping him apply for school. All of sudden he tells me he submitted an application and that he will just wait for the response. I told him that it was more to applying than just filling out the application. I told him he would have to take the GRE and fulfill some other requirements from the university. He assured me that all he had to do was apply. About 3wks later, he received a rejection letter in the mail stating that he would need to complete the GRE, write an essay as to why he wants to attend the school, and he would need a recommendation letter from his current job or from his previous college and ALL OF IT HAD TO BE COMPLETED WITHIN 3 WEEKS, WHICH WAS DEADLINE FOR ENROLLMENT FOR THE UPCOMING SEMESTER! I was sooooo pissed off! I told him that I couldn't talk to him at that moment, so I went to bed. I woke up even worse because I knew he was going to miss the deadline, and that he probably wouldn't want to go back to school next fall because our new babies will be here(expecting twins)! I asked him why he didn't listen to me, and through MUCH pushing, I finally got an honest answer....he told me that he really doesn't think I know what I am talking about half the time! I have never given him any reason to think that way. I give him ideas and find out information regarding his current business all of the time, he does them and we are successful! I am very hurt and confused. Grant it, we are 5 years apart in age, and he also feels like this contributes to it as well. I don't throw my degree around, but I have a bachelor's degree in accounting, a real estate license, I do taxes and I work full time as an accountant for the state. I am 26 and he is 31. I can't stop crying, he thinks it's my hormones, and it may be, but it still doesn't justify how he feels. I don't use profanity but I wanted to, sooooooo with that being said, I have not spoken to him in about two days, he keeps trying to apologize for hurting my feelings, but not for what he said. I am four months preggos and I don't need this stress. Why does he think I am stupid? and how should I handle this?

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6 Answers to “Why does my husband think I’m stupid?”

  1. byeungwo says:

    i don’t wish to sound ‘hard’ (not my style), but why do pregnant women always cry on about pregnancy? He wants to better himself. You say ‘he keeps trying to apologize for hurting my feelings’, but you don’t want to listen.If he was on coke, or sleeping with women, or didn’t care about you, but he seems sensible. The age has got nothing to do with it.By the way, I suggest a male midwife – just experience.take care.

  2. etypically says:

    It seems as though when a guy is much older than a woman, he instantly assumes she is naive n not as smart as him. It is annoying but what can we do but keep proving ourselves. Maybe repeating our successful opinions and choices to them when it happens (similar to them”I told u so”) can maybe teach them a thing or 2 about us.

  3. beef says:

    I think that when two type a (alpha) personalities get together, you have to learn how to work together to complement one another. And what I mean by that is no one person has all the answers and you have to be able to rely on the other and give them their just credit. I think women are better at doing that than men. But you guys have another dynamic being of the same profession. I think you have to learn how not to compete against one another. I think too that its partly why he wants to pursue his masters. He’s looking for his niche. Your husband doesn’t think you are stupid. And is why he doesn’t know that he has hurt your feelings. He married you because part of the whole package for him is that you are smart. By that same token, its part of what attracted you to him. That said, don’t feel that you are in competition with him, but that you complement him. Presentation is important.I think you should talk to him and just get it out once and for all. Let him know how you feel, and that you want to work together at being together and not in conflict and that you don’t want him implying that you are stupid. I think you will get a much better response.Good luck.

  4. Timonize says:

    Disgraceful attitude on his part. Now you know he cannot be a real life partner because he thinks erroneously you are stupid. Abort immediately, then pack and leave. He is the WRONG man for you, for anyone, fro that matter. ABORT. Otherwise you are stuck with him in some capacity. I think many men would find you a catch, and you are obviously more caring and infinitely smarter than him and not a stubborn mule like he is and not abusive like him.He is really bad news. Abortion morrow. Get those out of your system, get into therapy after you leave, bu case you Will re great having them and dealing with his macho shmuckness for many years ahead. Leave, abort.

  5. lanoeye says:

    He doesn’t think your stupid. He sound very angry that he himself was wrong. And it sounds like he is too proud to admit it. The best way to handle this is try and understand that. He may never admit it. But does he do this about other things? if so, he may need counseling because it sounds like he has a problem admitting when he is wrong.

  6. rooks says:

    oh relax. most guys think women are stupid.