Are sarcastic responses ok for scholarships?

I'm in the process of searching for/ working on scholarships. I noticed that many scholarship essay questions seem to be serious, and I can't really imagine the scholarship judges actually enjoying reading so many serious/ too-formal responses. Is it ok for me to write essays that are sarcastic? I don't want to be viewed as rude by some judge who happens to be a really serious person. Also, sometimes when I think something is funny, others may not think the same, so I am not sure if I should enter such responses. Thank You!

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7 Answers to “Are sarcastic responses ok for scholarships?”

  1. seaworn says:

    Honestly, this is one of the most stupid questions I have seen here. I am not being sarcastic.

  2. upblaze says:

    You should probably use some sarcasm, but not so much that it seems like you are pessimistic and angry. Add some carefree humor and you’ll be good to go! It shows that you are creative, and laid-back.

  3. zikkurats says:

    i would recommend not to make sarcastic things because then they are going to see that you aren’t really a serious person

  4. ereturn says:

    I think that you should use your judgement. If you want to make it funny, then still answer the question, but make it funny. Don’t go too far. Sure, it might be a little safer to do a serious one, but if the judges like yours because it is:1. well written2. answers the question3. something uniquethen you have a good chance of getting the scholarship. Just make it well written. (and don’t make it funny if it is about topics that shouldn’t be comedy [I think you can figure out what those are])Hope that helps! :-)

  5. registry says:

    You should always avoid sarcasm when you’re asking people for money. Sarcasm would make it seem like you don’t really care, and it would hint that you don’t take them – or college – seriously. There might be some judges that would appreciate the humor, but I would stay on the safe side if I were you.

  6. acrite says:

    When you ask a question, do you like a sarcastic answer? sheesh…No, sarcasm is not good in a scholarship response. :-)

  7. unhafted says:

    Um…NO! Duh.