Is there a lawyer i can interview for a career research essay?

I chose a prosecutor or a lawyer for my career to write a report on. Does anyone know a lawyer that I can interview or is anyone a lawyer? I only need a few questions answered. I've looked online, but every lawyer or site I've found wants to charge me for any questions answered. I need someone who will answer the questions for free. I only have 4 questions. 1) how long did it take to get your master's degree in law? 2) How much did it cost to attend law school? 3) What is your annual salary? 4) Do you work for a firm or are you an independent lawyer, and what are your benefits?

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One Answer to “Is there a lawyer i can interview for a career research essay?”

  1. Lituitidae says:

    First off I’m not a lawyer. I have had to do a formal report on the law profession though and happen to have a few resources that I think will be helpful. Check with the outlook occupation handbook. It was recently updated with the newest information this last month. They have some awesome reference material. There is also O*net which has a different variation of pretty much the same information just in a different format. Then if you don’t want to try these internet sources always check with your college. Many alumni are always there and willing to help with any questions you might have. Plus if you look in a phone book you can always make an appointment with a lawyer for an interview, just specify that it isn’t a job interview for you but for a report and research. Lawyers and other professionals often don’t like having people come in if they think you want to steal their job.