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i need to write an example essay about a thing gothic literature has. it's going to be on human weaknesses which are greed, love, death, fear, the unknown. should i have 3-4 stories and include the weaknesses it has for each paragraph or use 5 stories and and pick only one weakness for each? does it matter?! :p

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  1. benigno says:

    The second suggestion sounds better,I’m studying Literature too and were focusing on the sublime Gothic theme. When studying Gothic you must take into account many things, for example-Location (castles, graveyards, lonely places e.g countryside or a moor)-Character; a Gothic personality could be cold, sadistic, hurtful, boring, -Plot; how the story unfolds and the way events occur- could it be considered Gothic?-Language- authors like Bronte and Shelley use repetitive, emotive language to portray the Gothic theme.Hero/Villain- You will find in most Gothic novels there is usually some aspect of the whole hero/villain setting. Sometime you will also have a damsel in distress. Some gothic novels-Wuthering HeightsFrankensteinJane EyreIn relation to human weaknesses, focus on the points I picked out like the setting and plot etc, and talk about them. Make sure you explore a good range of concepts and show a good understanding of how they convey Gothic theme. Good luckP.S if you need more help send me an email :]