Please help me write a thesis statement about Greed?!(:?

The story is A rose for Emily by William Faulkner.I haven't started on the essay. Sad thing is that it's due tomorrow....I need help with starting my thesis statement. I am thinking of using the quote "Greed is a fat demon and whatever you feed it is never enough." -Janwilliem van de Wetering. I have no idea who that is. I found this quote on the internet. I thought it was short, sweet, and kinda to the point?I REALLY NEED HELP! pleaseeee :)

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2 Answers to “Please help me write a thesis statement about Greed?!(:?”

  1. orientator says:

    That’s a good introduction to your essay. But it is not a thesis statement– a thesis statement should indicate what you are going to discuss or prove in your paper. Do you agree with the quote? If so, you might make the same argument in your own thesis: “In the story, Faulkner shows that greed is insatiable through a, b, and c.” This will give you the basic structure for writing your essay.

  2. stodgier says:

    In the words of Janwilliam van de Wetering, a -insert what she did here- “greed is a fat demon and whatever you feed it is never enough”.