Please need help with a story?

I need to write a story or essay with the moral "SO YOU SEE IT DOES NOT PAY TO BE A LIAR" please any one got any ideas. Please all help will be appreciated I will also choose best answer soon!

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  1. bedbugs says:

    I like both stories, and essays… but where are you strongest? Are you strong in aruging (essay), or strong in being creative (story)?Essay, you can argue stating that once a liar, always a liar- you can also make an argument showing what can result from lying (like, the domino effect, and how the results could harm yourself, or someone else), and how if you were to ever get caught in a lie, it could be the end of a job, a relationship, or a life.Story, you can present a character that never lies- as he doesn’t believe in lying, stealing, or cheating- but then, in order to save his child, he has to keep a secret, and lie… in the end, his daughter could be saved, but he could have been seriously injured or killed in her place.Just, be creative.