What are the disadvantages of getting a tattoo?

I have a writing h.w in my english class...The direction : in a multi paragraph essay complete the following prompt: Some of friends have decided to get tattoo and gave asked you to "be part of the group" and get a tattoo,too. You and your friend have not yet decided to go along. Decide how you feel about getting a tattoo. Now write to convince your friend to go along with the others and get a tattoo OR not to go along and refuse to participate in the tattooing.* I chose not to get a tattoo because it will be more easier? to write about it...all I wrote is the first paragraph and my writing is not very good because i'm a FOB ..T_T i am half white and half korean but i had been living in Korea until i was14and now i'm17...anyways ;; can someone help me with this essay? it's due tomorrow but all i have is the first "sentence"!i wrote: Many people get tattps these days. Some people get the tattoos just for fun, some get it to show their personality. and this is it ;please help me~~

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  2. penrod says:

    Good things? I suppose some would look at it as a permanent expression of their will/feelings. Just make sure that whatever they are going to tattoo you with means what they say “the Japanese symbol for peace” they are showing you – may mean “stick your head up a dead bear’s bum” in another Asian culture.Bad things? Infection (e.g. HIV, Hep B, staphlococcal skin infection)Allergy to the ink.Localized swelling and distortion of the pictureScarring (keloid)Lessened job prospectsChange of mind of content “Brian” may turn out to be the dud of the century, and you may end up with “Wayne” who really dislikes being reminded that you once loved a dude called Brian.As you age your skin becomes less elastic, and a droopy “Sex Godess” doesn’t hold the same appeal.The tattoo operator may be dyslexic and you may end up with “I luv doG” instead od your original religious intention!

  3. adonean says:

    Because getting a tattoo is a poor decision, people look at you and think that you are a tattooed Moron, this may NOT be true, and I DON’T feel this way but, that’s what people think when they see them, unfortunately.

  4. desgned says:

    Some disadvantages : getting some allergies or deseases afterwards, it was done very poorly, your parents may be against, depending on the place it can prevent from getting a job, it hurts when it is being done.

  5. esouped says:

    1 good reason to avoid getting tattoo is that it is painful to remove. if u dun wan 2 remove, imagine when you’re old an wrinkly. tattoos dun look good on old ppl

  6. aviatory says:

    What may seem cool when you’re twenty may often be a source of embarrassment and regret when you’re 50!

  7. caprylone says:

    a tatoo will always sag…gravity always wins; I’m really not much into body mutilation; What if you don’t like it later..i’ve had friends who had their skin shaved off because their wives hated their tatoos;I don’t need labels to define me.