What do you think of my essay on failure?

In times of difficulty, everyone is prone to focus on the negative aspects of their situation. When you look like a complete failure, it is easy to dwell on where you went wrong. The simple fact is that we can learn many valuable lessons from failure. The Texas Academy of Math and Science (TAMS) was one of the greatest opportunities of my life and with a great opportunity comes a great risk of failure. Unfortunately that was what happened, I failed. I feel I handled my failure in such a way that it benefited me more than if I would have stayed at TAMS. When I failed, I was forced to reexamine my goals, myself, and what I truly wanted.

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6 Answers to “What do you think of my essay on failure?”

  1. groffed says:

    I think you will be OK and learn from it. It was a good essay

  2. deroeck says:

    Sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought and time into this. I sure hope someone who does publishing reads this. Good luck!

  3. glaum says:

    You have learned a valuable lesson. You seem to have weathered the storm and become a better person because of it.Congratulations on that. Your articulation of your experience was well done.Just remember that every day is a trial day. You will be tested and re-tested continuously for the rest of your life. I think that you have learned that who you are does not equate to what you do or what others think of you.If you choose, you can always allow yourself to bask in the peace and contentment of what is rather than what should or could be.

  4. cfreese says:

    Just one observation…on your first paragraph, the sentence “when you look like a complete failure”….somehow that does not make sense…no one “looks” like a failure…they may feel like one, or even think that they are…but to look like a failure…I am still trying to visualize that sentence…The way one reacts or respond to failure is the outcome of how we may feel…glad to know you took this experience and saw something positive in it…

  5. conwath says:

    I can only say, you did not fail. Congratulations and may your wants and dreams come true. Excellent essay.

  6. TARSHA says:

    It is a good essay. One that should be shared. The middle of your essay told me a lot- “what I truly wanted’ made the difference in what you call failure and what appears to be a change in direction. Tests, GPA’s- levels of distinction that cut off the rest of us( Oh, yea, at 49 I have been there lived that many times) are not penalties. They are no more than pointers that guide us in directions we would rather have chosen on our own, but did not know to. I had to quit a career a couple of years ago, or I was going to be fired. The pressure was enormous, the future sucked. I leapt, and took again measure of what i wanted. I had to move to a different state, uproot everything I knew of comfort.Two years later and I really enjoy where I am, who I work with and what I am doing- because my personal goals and the goals of the company I work for are closely related.Think about what you want- and understand that at times the entire world will tell you that it is the wrong thing, and there will be lots and lots of reasons to not leap.But if you dont…. you will be right back where you were before you wrote this essay.