Has anyone ever watched the movie 12 Angry Men(1957)?

Great movie ain't it? :) Well, for my journalism class I have to write an essay giving examples of - objectivity, subjectivity, bias, proximity & timelessness that are presented in the movie. Basicily comparing the movie "12 Angry Men" to "Journalism". Does anyone have any ideas of examples I could use...? Pleaseeeeeeeee. :)

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  1. vindicatorily says:

    Not sure if this is what your looking for, but could you possibly compare the ethics of the men in the movie with modern people? You could also judge their morals with famous literature pieces, but I’m not sure how far you could get with these…If I were you, I’d think about how people can generally be stereotypes and how one person CAN make a difference.But, then again, this is all just summarizing the movie. Hope this helped a little.