Header and page number problem in microsoft word?

okay so i have an essay and the layout needs to go like this.First page head must say: "Running Head: INTELLECTUAL AND COGNITIVE ASSESMENTS" with page one at the endsecond page header must say"INTELLECTUAL AND COGNITIVE ASSESMENTS" with page two at the endi know how to make the first page header different but im having a problem with continuous page numbers from page 2 onwards. all my headers end up say "page 2" and the page number must ! be on the right side. help pleaseee

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  1. philson says:

    Let Word automatically number the pages.In Word versions prior to Word 2007:1.Click the Insert->Page Numbers menu item.2.Set the Position and Alignment list boxes to put the page number where you want it.3.Click OK.To add text to the header, double click in the header on the first page and enter the text. Double click outside the header, or close the Header and Footer pop-up menu to get out.In Word 2007:1.On the Insert tab of the Ribbon, click Page Number in the Header and Footer group.2.Select Top of Page and pick a format.To add text to the header, double click in the header on the first page and enter the text. Double click outside the header to get out.Hope that helps.