How can I turn this topic into a classification essay?

My topic is the ways to choose the correct vehicle for your needs or what to look for when buying a vehicle. (I dont know which title I should use). How do I put them into categories? I was planning to start with the Intro as usual, then the 1st paragraph would be about "first choosing the type (make & model) of the vehicle, 2nd - looking at the price of the vehicle, 3rd - looking at the features it offers & the conclusion. Am I doing this correctly? What should I include in it so its a classification essay?

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  1. unbed says:

    Well for starters, you may need to broaden your topic in order to be sure that you are on the right track, and stick to your topic; otherwise, you may lose the point of your essay. In the first paragraph of your body, I would start with evaluating what the needs are, in order to clarify what type of vehicle is best. For example, when I got my first vehicle, I had just became a proud owner of a young horse, and needed a way to haul hay; therefore, a truck was the best choice. As far as the second paragraph, price is a good idea. Knowing what the limit is will help to narrow the options, to what vehicle supports the needs as well as fits the price range. It does look like you are on the right track here. If you need, you may email me your rough draft, and I can check it out for you. [email not allowed]