How do i come up with a good/strong thesis statement?

my essays are pretty good. my only trouble is the thesis statement/intro paragraph....what info am i supposed to put in my intro paragraph? and how do i make my thesis statement strong?

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  1. goober says:

    Depending on what you are writing the thesis on, I was always taught that it is good practice to start with a quote from a relevant text, summarizing what you are about to write about.

  2. cshtest says:

    The infor you are supposed to put is an outline or summary of what your paper is going to be about.

  3. strouding says:

    A great way to write is to be passionate about what you’re writing; if you’re passionate about what you’re writing, your thesis statement should be the the burden you’re trying to unload (“I contend that…). Not something that the reader says, “Huh, interesting” to, but something that reaches out, grabs the reader by the throat and drags them in. Beginning your intro with an appropriate quote is often pretty sweet. A personal favorite of mine is to paint a picture in the reader’s mind (“Imagine a room; a room so full of debris and refuse…”).If nothing comes at first, go play basketball or something to get your mind off it (unless this is due the next day, then stare at the blank page panicking). Simply lay everything out there — give the audience the full piece of wood, not just a splinter. Tell them your opinion, and if they don’t like it they can jump in a lake — your body paragraphs are supporting your intro.

  4. mulhern says:

    okay. im like really good at essays so i can tell you. your intro paragraph is like an upside down triangle. at the top it is big and at the bottom it gets narrow. that means at the beginning of your paragraph your very broad and are not too specific about things.and when it gets to the bottom you get more specific. so at the beginnning, you could say for example…say you were doing an essay on why a poodle would be a good dog to have…at the beginning you would say:Poodles are great dogs to have as a family pet.or something like that, your not very specific. then as you get more into your paragraph, you give a little more information. and btw in your essay, never say you or i or anything like that in case you didnt already know that. so then you would say a few more sentences just kinda stating why poodles are good but not very specificly and then you could give a little more info and then for your thesis statement….a thesis statement (obviously) states the topics your paragraphs are going to be about. so say you have three paragraphs:you paragraphs are-because poodles are SMART-poodles are PLAYFUL-poodles are KINDso you would say for your thesis statement:A poodle would be the perfect family pet because they are smart, playful, and kind.just something like that. oh and another tip…the first sentence of your intro is the hook. you can use a question, a statement, or a quote. its something to get your reader to want to learn more. but never say the name of your person in the first sentence. because that gives it away and you want the reader to keep reading. good luck and i hoped i helped some.

  5. revitalization says:

    Start by organising your thoughts. Your have to condense you whole thesis, its importance and significant into this one paragraph. To achieve this your could imagine presenting it to someone you respect.Capture the reader’s attention with the great strides that you have made in your study and then tantalise them to read on by suggesting how interesting some of the work has been.

  6. mitis says:

    Hey, I’m a senior in college and all of the professors I’ve had said to write your thesis last. The thesis is just an overview of your key points. You’re telling the reader what you’re going to address or why you think such and such. Pick some key points you want to address, write about them, and then write your thesis statement. I followed their advice and I never got less than an A on a high school paper or less than a B on a college paper.

  7. gaborit says:

    Very good question.I tutored someone once in this, and it was a process but the person was a little reluctant to study the matter.I would have to see the subject you are dealing with, because it is not practical to get into abstract theory for me at this time.So in seeing the subject, then I can ask you questions, and coax you into a thesis statement, at least that is the approach I had to take before.But at least you recognize the difficulty, most people do not recognize it.So send me an email and I will make suggestions and after a few back and forth, then we should be able to come up with one.Or opt with another approach. but this is the only one I am able to offer at this time.I am not always on the internet, so this may take time as well.

  8. EPCOT's says:

    Thesis statements tell what the essayis about. Keep it direct and to thepoint.

  9. mendings says:

    One trick that helps is to revise your thesis statement as you write, and sometimes you will not have your final thesis statement until you have finished your essay. It may actually be the last thing you write.You need to think about the question you are trying to address in yoru essay. Your thesis statement will be a very condensed version of your answer to the essay question.A strong thesis statement will take a stand, so that will be included in your first paragraph. Readers will know which side you’re on. A good thesis statement creates a reason for discussion, and expresses one main idea. If you have to express more than one strong idea in your statement, make sure that you find a way to connect the ideas. Your thesis statement should identify a specific topic that will be the key point of your essay. [external link] … [external link] … [external link] … [external link] …