Can anyone help me with these questions from “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift?

1. What sort of persona does Swift Create for the "author" of a Modest Proposal? Why?2. Is this direct or indirect satire? How do you know?3. How is this essay organized? What are it's different sections or parts? In other words, what is narrator doing in different sections of this essay?4. What makes Swift's satire Juvenalian? Horatian? Give examples supporting both types.5. How is the word modest in the title an understatement? How is the use of this word an example of verbal irony?6.This pamphlet or essay is filled with examples of irony. Some of those examples relate to a variety of claims made by the author. Find additional examples of verbal irony, including hyperbole (exaggeration, overstatement, bombast) and understatement. Are there any examples pf inectives or sarcasm (give examples)? Try to give about 6 examples here if not more. Quote and Identify them.If anyone can help me in any way, I would greatly appreciate it! I am drowning in homework, and I was just wondering if anyone could offer some extra help. I'm not saying to do the assignment for me, but at least help in anyway possible, I would be very very very very grateful! Thankyou(:

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