Extracurriculars for Freshman Year of High School?

So, due to obligations at home (babysitting) - I was unable to join clubs and sports my Freshman Year (current) -- however I'll be able to next year (Sophomore Year) - never the less, I've done everything I could to squeeze in extracurricular events and activities. So far, I have;* Summer Technology Grant by Dell - History and Science intiative * School representative for CityYear Generation Citizen State Conference* Finalist in School-Wide Knowledge Bowl (Final Round is in June, so I may/may not win)* Essay Contest Winner for School Newspaper * Tutoring Algebra I to incoming Freshman* Volunteering at Local Library* Participant in City-Wide Literacy Program, 4 years running* Part time job Baby-sitting, every day - 5 days a weekConsidering that I couldn't join any clubs or sports, with babysitting - is this impressive list of extra curricular activites / acheivements? I'm really shooting for NYU, BU, Harvard, and Emerson - so it's pretty competitive, considering there are kids who go to NASA programs and are Presidents of Nationally ranked clubs.Opinions?

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3 Answers to “Extracurriculars for Freshman Year of High School?”

  1. aves says:

    horse science

  2. gulick says:

    Dang! That’s alot!I’d second Ry’s suggestion of karate; I’ve done it before and it’s empowering! (: Plus, there’s a lot of sick b@stards out there… you never know when you’ll need to karate chop somebody! :o

  3. paryphodrome says:

    That is already a lot, add Karate though, it might be useful for you, you never know. I know it is random but still, it is a good idea to learn it.