Why could Queen Elizabeth I be considered a bad leader?

I realize that Queen Elizabeth I is recognized as probably the greatest female leader in English history but I need to write an essay about why she could be considered a bad leader. Any help would be much appreciated.Thanks.

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4 Answers to “Why could Queen Elizabeth I be considered a bad leader?”

  1. explanted says:

    She had more pluses than minuses, but I suppose her tendency to delay making decisions could have been considered by her privy council to be poor leadership.

  2. pratapwa says:

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  3. gazophylacium says:

    The Queen of Great Britain is more for ceremonial purposes,she retains little power of affairs inside Britain and her other territories such as Canada,Australia etc;So I am not aware of any non-conspiracy reasons she could be a bad leader,because she isn’t really a leader.Although she does take 60P (1$) of Every Canadian,Brit,Australian and so forth.Interesting fact…if another country attacked and annexed Canada they would (Technically) owe the Queen $14Trillion.@Thin,making decisions on what?…what she wants for her dinner? our prime minister makes all of the decisions.

  4. savante says:

    I dont see how any leader that leaves a country in a better state when they die than when they came to power can be considered a “bad leader”In recent history the only US president that left the US in a better state after he left than when he was elected was Clinton. The president the left the US in the worst state than any other was Reagan (Bush jnr comes a close second)But who do citizens believe was a “good leader” ?