How can i get my teacher to like me more?

My favorite teacher is my social studies teacher, shes smart, energetic and I always look forward to seeing her in class or in the halls. Shes so nice and I always do my homework for that class, raise my hand and do what she says to do and take notes. I study all the time in that class and write really detailed essays. Is there anything else I can do so she likes me? Shes like my most favorite teacher this year.

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5 Answers to “How can i get my teacher to like me more?”

  1. anthomy says:

    She likes you. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Perhaps you would be doing her a kindness if your essays were less detailed. She’s probably pretty tired by the time she gets around to reading all of them. Neat and to the point would probably be easier on her. I know I’d like it if you made my job easier.

  2. ramfeezled says:

    Sounds to me like you’re being the ideal student. There’s very little you could do beyond what you’re already doing.

  3. oreotragine says:

    I dont think you could do any more to get her to like you.As long as you do your homework, take notes, and do what you are asked to do, you should have no problem with her.

  4. subaeration says:

    Tell her how much it has meant to have her as a teacher. That will mean more to her than anything.

  5. anguis says:

    how will she like you better? put the same effort into all your classes. Teachers like to talk about an outstanding kid who puts so much energy into learning new things. it makes them feel like they have been a wonderful part of your life. That’s why they are teachers.GBY