How do you feel elderly people are treated in this country?

I need help ?Im writing an essay : In America out of every 100,000 people ages 65 and older, 14.3 died by suicide, statistics showed in 2007. This figure is higher than the national average of 11.3 suicides per 100,000 people in the general population. White men age 85 or older had an even higher rate, with 47 suicide deaths per 100,000. As a society and culture that hates anything old, elderly people have become a burden not an asset. I have noticed we don’t want to look at them. We don’t want it around, so we stash it away so we don’t have to look at it. " This is not how i feel" I respect elderly people!if elderly answer these questions if you can: How are you subordinated in society?What has been the impact on your life? How have you worked to overcome this subordination?what persons or institudes have assisted you in this process?

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  1. userids says:

    I’m only 53…I don’t think 14/100k is so much different than 11/100k.Older people have a lot more aches and pains and serious problems, plus fear of Alzheimers- it’s a wonder suicide isn’t higher, especially since there are so many drugs that could make it swift and painless.The 47/100k is higher, but this is 85+! That’s very old- I know an old guy age 84 and his exercise for the day is walking 2 blocks slowly. He’s done, ready for an exit. This has nothing to do with being “subordinated”.At the same time, probably most of these people would stick around if they were well taken care of. Go to an old-age home. It’s the lack of visitors that keep people in stupors. It’s much better to live with a family and be useful till the end, if they can be… And some people have lost their families. At age 85, it’s possible that your kids and spouse have died and left you no grandkids. So unless you’ve done a study of the elderly, I wouldn’t assume these higher suicide rates mean they’re “subordinated.” I’d assume it’s mainly a combination of attitude and being tired of pain & disability. I’ll bet a big one is “attitude” – when you get to age 50-60, often the attitude about life changes. Personally I love life, and I’m complete with it. If I died tomorrow I’d have no regrets (except I’d like to see my kids through college.) On the one hand I’ve lived a complete, full life. On the other, I’ve worked through my fear of dying and the questions of “purpose” and “meaning”. I live because I enjoy it and there’s work to do, contributions to make. But if I couldn’t make a contribution and pain/illness prevented me from enjoying life, I could end it. If you’re stuck on “subordination”, probably you’re projecting. Talk to the elderly. Ask them if they know other elderly people who’ve committed suicide. Ask them what their understanding about it is.