Am I mentally retarded or speech impediment and why is it I’m the only one?

I am age 30 and i have always had trouble with language. I can't understand things, people talk to me and i keep saying what? because i can't comprehend. then i also can't form coherent sentences and i have problem coming up with words. i dont even remember words i've heard all of my life.Then also pronunciation is hit or miss . that's why many times americans think i'm a foreigner who doesn't undnertand english.I had a head trauma in a very bad trafic accident when i was a kid. At that time i lost all my speech , i had to relearn to speak. I did, but i've never been a talkative great speakerbecause i always had trouble and my brain is really slow with speech.I look normal so nobody thinks i have problems but i feel really slow and stuck always, when it comes to speaking.Most people i've met in my life don't have this problem. So they think i'm weird.When i was a student i had alooooot of trouble with writing essays and with speaking or joining conversations in class. and Lately i've been thinking more about this problem i have cause it's affecting me in the job. people talk to me or i have to make phonecalls and i can't understand nothing so i'm getting into trouble.what to do?

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5 Answers to “Am I mentally retarded or speech impediment and why is it I’m the only one?”

  1. showish says:

    your head injury explains itdidn’t you get treatment?

  2. cob says:

    i felt that way before i started reading. that really helped me expand my mind

  3. GIA says:

    maybe you should have your doctor write a note so you dont get in trouble at work, i have similar problems, im suspicious of having aspergers and if i talk too much people think im weird so ive been keeping my mouth shut at work especially so i dont give it away that im so weird. otherwize it gets me in trouble at work too so i know what youre talking about

  4. formable says:

    You just managed to put together a very articulate message, so I seriously doubt that you’re retarded. (Incidentally, someone who works with such adults tells me that we shouldn’t say “retarded” any more–it’s “intellectually challenged” or “intellectually disabled.”) However, from your own description, you do seem to have some kind of disability. Were you ever diagnosed as learning disabled? I suppose such a disability could result from head trauma as well as being congenital. In fact, if that head trauma brought about the problems you now have, it seems to have had an effect similar to that of a stroke. So I advise you to see a neurologist. If you have a verifiable physical disability, the Americans with Disabilities Act may actually require your employer not only to recognize it but to accommodate it. In the meantime, are you good at mathematics? Logic? Do you do Sudokus? If you’re proficient at these things, your lack of verbal communication skills is no sign of poor intelligence! You may simply be in the wrong job, and you may also be able to obtain treatment that will lessen your verbal problems.Good luck!

  5. slatish says:

    really that naive? head trauma often causes problems with speech because of damage to the verbal parts of the brain. for example, strokes sometimes cause people to develop what sounds like a foreign accent, which lasts even after they recover from the physical effects. you’ve already answered your question, im not sure what you’re looking for. im sure there is speech and other language therapy that can help you, but you won’t find it here.