Can someone do my homework?

i just have to make an outline of an essay about literacy through music but my writing skills suck so can some do it for me? :Di just need a thesis statement, an idea for my 1st body paragraph another for my 2nd body paragraph and one for my 3rd and a concluding sentence for my conclusion about benefits from literacy through music.can someone whos really good in english do this for me because im horrible at it!btw just an outline not a whole essay!

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  1. promenaders says:

    You should try to do your homework yourself otherwise you’re not learning anything! You say your writing skills aren’t great but that’s why you should do assignments like this yourself, to improve your skills. Just try your best at least you will be proud of the fact that you did it even if it’s not your strong point!

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  3. controversially says:

    that’s not enough for anyone to really help you much. And the title of your post is off-putting. Try writing something the best you can, and don’t worry if it’s “bad”. Once you put that forth, the Yahoo community would be happy to proofread and offer suggestions.

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