Essay Help Plz!?

ok so i have to write an esaay were im suppost to act like a reporter giving a persuasive essay on y should or shouldnt todays society treat musicians actors and athletes like heroesany ides plz!

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2 Answers to “Essay Help Plz!?”

  1. predispute says:

    Make a stand. Do you believe they should or shouldnt. Then give supporting details..use some examples of some real musicians and compare em to other famous people…*cough *cough plaxico buress..Or if it’s not entirely serious..put some humor into..just watch Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox story and itll explain in a nutshell what happens when musicians get too famous musicians cuz it takes several examples of musicians over the past 5 decades and puts em in one movie.

  2. corrading says:

    Firstly, it’s “supposed” not “suppost” (if you want a good grade, use spell check). Second, athletes, actors, and musicians aren’t role models, they’re just people who were lucky enough to make tons of money doing things that most people dream about. There is no reason for us to exalt them, or to hold them to a higher standard. Real heroes are firefighters, police officers, soldiers, etc.