I have a proj. about anne frank, and ww2.plz help 10 points.?

i have to do a proj, actually acouple of projects...umm. i need info detailed, in bullet form or watev,i dnt care.. about the causes of world war2, Causes of WWII, Nuremburg Trials, Holocaust What happened to Anne Frank and her family after the Nazis found them in hiding. i need the info because i have to write 3 paragragh essays on each, if u can help thnx.also if u could help i need pges were u thought, anne unfairly judged those in hiding, w/pg number, and reasons you though that she unfairly judged. thnx. i have tons of work to do ans i wont plagerize(spelled wrong) thnx

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  1. prediscouragement says:

    Oh jeez, do your own homework. This should take you 20 minutes at most to find with all the online resources. This is easy as pie..

  2. mali says:

    Well, when Anne and the others were captured, the Nazi’s put them in jail for like 4 days and then deported them to Westerbork- a trtransit camp in the Holland. On Sept 3, 1944 she along with her family and the Van Pels and Mr. Pfeffer. From there they were deported to Auschwitz and she was sent to Auschwtiz-Birkenau with Margot and her mom. In October Mr. van Pels was gassed and then Oct. 28, 1944 Margot and Anne were sent to Bergen-Belsen. After they left their mom- Edit died in Auschwitz in Jan. By the 27th of Jan Auschwitz was liberated and Otto (Anne’s dad) was saved. But, Bergen- Belsen was still occupied and Margot died at the end of Feb and Anne died (estimated) on March 2, 1945. Umm… if you need help- email me- [email not allowed] ere are some good websites: http://www.annefrank.org/ [external link] … [external link] (this one focuses on human rights)

  3. revocably says:

    well i know after the Nazis found the Frank family and the other family that was living in the Annex with them, they were all sent to different camps. Anne and Margot first went to Auschwitz, where they survived. Then they were moved to Bergen-Belsen, then they both caught typhus, and died a few weeks apart in March of 1945.

  4. salia's says:

    Causes of WWll? Check out WWl and understand the Treaty of Versailles before you even grab a pen. If you don’t understand history in its entirety, your judgment is impaired. Also you may have to go back farther into the Holy Roman Empire. Then the relationship of the countries in Europe over the course of time. Who, what, where, when, why. There is economics and power struggles for dominance in Europe by all countries.Germany has been around a lot longer(like 1000 years) than the United States have existed as a country(and I am assuming you are from there) and you want to condense it into 3 paragraphs? They better be some pretty big paragraphs, because it is not going to happen. After you read about a million pages then you might be able to make some determination.Or you can just copy someone else’s uninformed BS.

  5. Brunonism says:

    As a history and education major, I can tell you some of the reasons historians give for the causes of WWII. First of all, the young man below is correct when he says to examine the Treaty of Versailles, which ended WWI. The Germans were held responsible for starting it when, in fact they did not. WWI began with the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand. There were alliances in place then, just as we have with NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization) now. The reason no one interfered when we invaded Afghanistan after 9-11-2001 was due to the NATO alliance, which says, basically, “If you attack one of us, you attack all of us.” When Arch Duke Ferdinand was assassinated, nations began declaring war on each other. These nations mobilized their troops within six weeks…and the entire planet, so it seemed, was a t war with one another.When the Treaty of Versailles was signed, Germany was not evevvn granted a seat at the negotiations table. To prevent anyone from ending the cease fire, and bring about peace, they laid the blame for the war at the feet of Germany. The Germans were forced to pay repairations and dismantle its military, as well as give away sections of its land to those nations who suffered at the hands of the German people. It was utter nonsense.Wilson tried to implenent The League of Nations, a forerunner to The United Nations, but the Congress of the United States did not adopt the plan or follow his Fourteen Points, which may have kept us out of another World War.Hitler published a book called, “Mein Kampf,” (“My Idea”). In it he spelled out, in great detail, precisely what his plan was when he rose to power. No one paid any attention to it. People sat back ad let him invade nation after nation without doing anything to stop him. People did not want to go to war again. For this same reason, many people in the invaded nations did not resist the Nazi invasions.Not only that, but, did you know that America had the chance to allow the Jews, (who we knew were being mistreated by the Germans, at the very least), to immigrate her; however, Congress put a limit on the number they would permit entry? The Catholic Church turned a blind eye to what was happening as well. many religious leaders did. They did not have the couraage to stand up for their fellow human beings when push came to shove. The Unitde States actually bombed Auschwitz, aparently, by accident late in the war. The prisoners say they wished that the Americans had bombed it to pieces. They say that they would have prefered to die, knowing that something was being done to end their reign of terror, than to live thinking that the outside world did not care.As for the life of Anne Frank and the others, the young lady who is a fan of hers is right with her information. The traged is that her camp was liberated shortly after her death. Her father, Otto, returned to their hideout and found her diary. It had been kept by those who helped hide them. He took the book and had it published to tell the world her story and help people to never forget.If you would like some other excellent writers about events during this time, let me know. I would be happy to share them with you.