Do you have to restate your question in your thesis?

im writing an essay on the oddessy by homer. i just gotta know if you have to restate your question in your thesis statement. my question is what qualities of the epic hero enable odysseus to survive all his dangerous adventures and to surmount all obstacles to return home safely and regain his old status?we had a reading outline paper i didn't do it but i would've because i wouldn't be having this problem. so if you can help me out with my thesis ASAP it would be great. i need this ASAP. thxs :)

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  1. epidictic says:

    Your thesis statement is an answer to the question prompt of the essay. You briefly introduce the topics of your body paragraphs as well. EX:”The qualities that enable Odysseus to survive his adventures and obstacles are (insert quality 1), (insert quality 2), and (insert quality 3).”Depending on your grade level this might get you by if you just were introduced to thesis statements.