Finals Help!?

I have finals tomorrow. It is a two hour final exam with mult. choice, short answer, fill in the blank, and an essay question. How many pencil should I bring? Should I bring anything else as well?

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  1. hearteningly says:

    Well first, you need to tell us what final you are studying for. You should bring 4 pencils (it never hurts to bring more than you originally think you need). If it is math or science, bring a calculator if allowed. If it is english or any other subject, bring your notes with you, so you can review on the way to your test, and just before it. Short Term memory WILL stay long enough for you to get through the test. Since all you should be concerned with is upping your score, this is perfectly acceptable.Also, bring bottled water, and tissues. Make sure you go to the bathroom before the test. Also, make sure you know how to de-stress yourself during the exam if you need it (take a deep breath, and count down from 10…but don’t forget to breath).

  2. febrifacient says:

    1 cellphone (hidden)1 very small infrared or bluetooth earpiece with built in microphone (also hidden)1 trustworthy friend somewhere close by with a computer and working internet