How Did Political Parties Form in the U.S.? And how do they differ ideologically?

I need just a little help preparing this as an essay for school tomorrow. Now I have a lot on the subject but i think I need more.Could you help out? I need help with the question in general and how people like Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Daniel Shays, John Adams etc. Fit into it. Federalism/anti- federalism. You know what Im looking for. Thanks!

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One Answer to “How Did Political Parties Form in the U.S.? And how do they differ ideologically?”

  1. mahlman says:

    They formed because of basic differences in ideas. Really simply it comes to this:One side wants government to to be big, spend more money (employing people and running things) The other side wants less government involvement with less spending and overhead and leave the controls / laws to local government and business to the private sector. The names keeps changing but the basic are still the same.