How should I cite this?

I am having the hardest time. I wrote a great essay which includes quotes from Antigone and Oedipus, but I haven't cited it yet. Of course, I did say Sophacles wrote them, and I made sure to point out which play each quote from from. Is it really neccessery to still cite it?And if it is, HOW? I know it's (act.scene.line), but all I can find online are odes and strophes, and I have no idea how to organize that into acts and scenes....And another thing. I includes the quotes "In my essay just like this," without any slashes, indents, or new lines... Is that correct?Thank you, from someone who has never worked with plays >.<*** I'm not in college, but it is for an Advanced Placement class (for college credit). MLA style si what we're using

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  1. cech says:

    If you referenced the source of the quote in your paper, you don’t have to provide an additional citation. This is especially true when it is a quote from a work that would be considered a classic.