I need information on how the police mistreats minorities and they become defensive afterwards?

im doing an MLA essay on how the police mistreat people ( of race) and it doesnt get attention. im using information from the shooting that happened in new york... i need sources for an outline.

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3 Answers to “I need information on how the police mistreats minorities and they become defensive afterwards?”

  1. agueweed says:

    They don’t it just that only when minorities are mistreated it gets press!

  2. Dravida says:

    This ones easy….As u know, immigration has been an issue in calif for some time now.The L.A.P.D. and some other peoples still believe it is a HISPANIC issue when in fact there are people here illegally ,in los angeles,from many parts of the world. On may 1st of this year, the L.A.P.D. Targeted mostly hispanics with rubber bullets and tear gas and billy clubs to end the protest. If it had been white people it wouldnt have happened but then general thought I believe the POLICE had was “There just a bunch of mexicans,GO GETTEM!” Now there is an FBI investigation,cops have been put on suspention and further action is pending.Anyone with two eyes can see the p[olice were wrong. For more information check out these sites:

  3. corie says:

    I think you should gather your information first hand. Go down to your local Police Department and sign up for a ride along. Go see what the police do and then you won’t have to ask anonymous people on yahoo about something you should already know.