Is this a good conclusion to end the descriptive essay about my father?

I am daddy’s little girl and will always be, my father is my idol and without him I would have never been as happy as I am today. The most precious thing he has given me is life. Thank you dad, I love you.

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One Answer to “Is this a good conclusion to end the descriptive essay about my father?”

  1. fluent says:

    Here is how you should write it:”I am daddy’s little girl, and always will be. My father is my idol and I greatly admire him. Without him in my life I would not be as happy as I am today. He created me, and thus gave me the precious gift of life.” As for the “thank you dad, i love you” part, don’t write it like that if the essay is going to be read by someone else (i.e. your teacher). If the essay is directed at your dad, then you can write it. Otherwise, I would advise against using the word “you”. Instead you can say, “I love him deeply and I am very thankful for all that my father has given me.” Hope that helps =) I’m in college by the way and I’m a really good writer so you can trust me..