Someone help me finish my essay PLEASE?

I have to write a essay in my government class responding to the following question: Do you think it would be more beneficial to have a single ruler to make, enforce, and interpret laws in the United States? Why or why not?

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  1. palaeoniscid says:

    This essay is asking for your opinion. All you have to do is state your opinion and then as best you can, back it up with fact. If that’s the way your instructor presented the assignment (which is really weak), you could just as easily state your claim and then back it up by saying it’s because space aliens communicated with you through a twinky and told you to think that way. Instructors really shouldn’t be trying to gauge your opinion on things (that’s not within the purview of the class).But as you form your opinion on this matter, just consider the quote, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Then look around the world at countries run by dictators (either benevolent or malignant) and see if those countries are better off than those run by distributed government (e.g. the US and other western countries).

  2. overpainful says:

    no, i dont think it would be more beneficial if rules were made by single rulers. Compromising always works.

  3. DALILA says:

    It’s your essay remember….we can’t help you all the way. Plus it’s your opinion, we can’t tell you our opinions and reasons….