Is this a well written essay?

I am in 10th grade and we had to do a definition essay on the word sacrifice.......and i know this will take some time to read but please tell me if it's ok.........i'm not good at essays and need some help.......... thanks =)All People have heard the saying "you will always sacrifice for the one’s whom you love". And I truly believe that; love and sacrifice is a big part of what makes up a relationship. There are the sacrifices love, the sacrifice of Christ, and the sacrifice that is put into place during a life or death situation. The first type of sacrifice is to surrender for the one’s you love. To sacrifice something for someone your love has to be strong. For example, in the story "The Gift of the Magi", both the woman and the man give up something they had for one another. The woman sacrificed her hair to give buy her husband a watch chain, and the man gave up his watch to purchase the woman some combs. Even though this story ended ironically, the couple still had great enough of love to be willing to sacrifice something for one another. Secondly when I think of the word sacrifice I think of what Christ had to give up for us. Christ was the ultimate sacrifice and surrendered his life for us to have out sins forgotten. This sacrifice was necessary to us to wash us clean. The willingness to do such a thing was a very heavy sacrifice. The word sacrifice is to be willing to give up something for someone else, and Christ has done just that. You have to sacrifice something to have thing in your life. The ultimate surrender of Christ is a great example of the word sacrifice. Lastly there is the situation of sacrifice between life and death. That is when you would put your life on the line for the life of others. For example, at the shooting of Virginia Tech. there were people who sacrificed the safety of there own lives to save the lives of their fellow students. They covered and protect them from any danger or harm. They are the people that which we call heroes. Just like the firefighters at the 9-11 attack they saved lives by risking their own. We see these kinds of things in movies, but it’s not that easy. When you sacrifice your own life for someone else’s is when it counts. As you can see the word sacrifice can be put into many different kinds of situations and examples. Sacrifice is giving up for the one’s you love and to risk your life for theirs. So maybe the next time you hear the word sacrifice you can remember all of its meanings.

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    I bet u could do better ( but not much at all ) i say that because thats verry well written. I would say a “A” for sure! GOOOD JOB!♥

  3. emil says:

    pshhh heck no ur not gettin a 50. that is really good. wayyyy better than mine. :) hope you do great! :)

  4. rewhiten says:

    ur only in 10th grade? its written VERY well. I think you’ll get an AGood luck:)