Book Suggestion for Essay?

I need to write an essay describing how a character in a book encounters rebirth/ baptism when they fall into water or potentially almost drowns. Only problem, i cannot think of any book! Can someone help me?

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  1. superhistorical says:

    The first thing that comes to my mind is Edna’s learning how to swim in “The Awakening.”

  2. agentive says:

    The Great Gatsby, of course. You could also ask if you could write about T.S. Eliot’s Wasteland (which is a long poem, not a book, but it’s canonical so I don’t think many high school English teachers would mind), which has numerous allusions to the drowned phoenecian sailor, and water as a thing of religious hope, sexuality, and fertility. Both can be found online.If you decide to do either, you can post the question again in respect to the specific book/poem and I’ll probably end up answering it. I’ve studied both of these works very extensively. (I’ve also studied the Awakening by Kate Chopin…do that one if you’re interested in women in literature).