Can someone answer this Apex Final Exam thing for language arts or give hints?

Write an essay that explains several of the devices employed by bards when reciting oral poetry before an audience. Give a name to each device, explain the purpose each serves, and provide an example from Homer's Odyssey for each (the examples do not need to include quotations).

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    Homeric Tags/EpithetsHomeric tags were standard adjectives applied to the name of a noun throughout the epic. They served two purposes, first they were chosen to fit correctly into the rhythmic pattern of the verse, thus providing a useful unit for opening or closing a line. Second, they served as memory devices of the bard reciting the poem. Examples include: bright Achilles, wily Odysseus, the strong-greaved Achaeans, windy Troy, Zeus the cloud-gatherer, etc.Standard FormulaeAnother element of Homeric style you will quickly notice is that 2-6 line sections describing standard actions and events (such as the offering of a sacrifice) are repeated word-for-word throughout the work. If you think about it, this makes a huge amount of sense given the oral nature of the work. Bards would have known these standard formulae (which may well have appeared in other poems as well) cold, and thus singing this section could easily be done by rote while thinking about what was to come. Also, it would have been particularly difficult to keep straight numerous small variations on a standard description. To the modern eye, however, it can seem a little odd.SimileHomeric description relies heavily on simile. Some of this you’re doubtless familiar with. Simile can be as simple as someone running “like the wind” or attacking “like a savage beast”. Here, however, you will often find extended similes which, rather than actually telling you much more about what is being described, serve as brief pieces of poetic showmanship. [external link] …