I need help for an argumentative essay please!?

I have an argumentative essay to do and I chose the topic of my favorite restaurant. I really don't know how to do the introductory paragraph. I don't know how to start it off or do anything for the introduction. Please help. I am allowed to use personal pronouns to

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  1. triclinic says:

    what’s your argument? that it’s the best restauant in town? or area? or what?make a list of 3 things why it’s good and one thing which isn’t so good about it1 – start by saying where it is, name and detail and say you think it’s the bestparagraphs 2-4 explain the good point about itparagraph 5 – say one bad point about it, BUT say it’s not really that badparagraph 6 – conclusion – sum up why oyou still think it’s the bestgood luck