What heroic woman can I write about? (read details)?

What heroic American woman can I write an essay about? I have to write a 400-600 word essay telling an inspiring story of one heroic American woman showing how her life and heroic achievement connects to at least one constitutional right secured in the Bill of Rights and connects to me personally. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. scenarization says:

    I’m not sure how recent recent is but here’s a nice website that might help you: [external link] …

  2. caky says:

    Alice Paul- the woman who initiated and essentially got the 20th amendment to the constitution passed (for women’s right to vote). For a connection to you- Alice Paul also drafted the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) which has still not been added to the constitution and women today are still fighting to get the exact amendment she drafted into the constitution.

  3. transubstantially says:

    Condelezza Rice

  4. swkgohw says:

    [external link] …

  5. apdnarg says:

    Alice Paul went on a famous hunger strike while imprisoned and was instrumental in gaining women the right to vote in the US. Hilary Swank plays her in a movie called “Iron-Jawed Angels.” You should check it out.

  6. cowkeeper says:

    John Adams wife, Abigail, was said to have had a strong influence on getting her husband to look to women’s interest when congress was debating the Constitution.I don’t know that she was very “heroic”.

  7. copyall says:

    Dr. Mae Jemison, female, african american, astronaut.

  8. pneumonectomy says:

    Betty Friedan…she was really the first woman who wrote about the injustices that women endured. Another wonderful author and interesting woman is Germaine Geer. She wrote “The Female Eunuch” which is shocking and sadly still very relevant today.

  9. hormogonous says:

    I don’t know if Rosa Parks counts as recent, but she’s a good choice.

  10. unalleviated says:

    Susan B. Anthony and Women’s suffrage.

  11. symphonious says:

    how about hillary clinton?oh you said herioc lol not vilian